Monday, December 31, 2012

Best of the Blog 2012 Part 2


May 2012
How To Have The Most Beautiful Tomatoes
Tomato Problems and How To Fix Them
Great Garden Gift Ideas
Meet the Silver Dollar Plant
Mother's Day Brunch Idea
Weather Phenomenon-The National Orange Show
Meet the Snapdragon
The Mary Lou Heard Memorial Garden Tour
Virtual Road Trip-The Fullerton Arboretum
Garden Geese
Recycled Garden Ideas
Flowers Are Memories
Guerilla Gardening
How To Dry Flowers
How To Make A Wooden Flower Press
All About Pomegranates
Make A Garden Flower Pot Chair
Virtual Road Trip-National Sculpture Garden
Cake Pops
Teacher's Pet Gift; More on Mini Foods and Cake Pops

JUNE 2012
All About Rhubarb
Homemade BubbleBlower and Bubbles
Hummingbird Moths, Cinnamon Rolls and Accordians
Desert Quail
Father's Day Photo Frame
Virtual Road Trip-Gravestone Art
All About The Flag-How To Properly Fold A Flag
Latte Art
Garden Read-The Magic of A Midsummer Night Part 1
Garden Read-The Magic of A Midsummer Night Part 2
Recycled Art-Flower Galoshes
Recycled Art- Hanging Flower Garden
Virtual Road Trip-New Zealand
Virtual Road Trip-Maori Art
Garden Read Continues
Garden Read Part 4

July 2012
Independence Day Quiz
John Kennedy Reads The Declaration of Independence
Review of Kitchen Product-Eggies
The Open Gate
Top Ten Thrifting Tips
Smart Cents Gardening
Virtual Road Trip-Le Jardin du Luxembourg
Virtual Road Trip-Part 2
The Monument of Truth
Trash To Treasure-Recycled Tire Art
Recycled Book Art
How To Build An Amazing Gift Basket
Virtual Road Trip-Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens
Love, Faith & Understanding
Organic DIY Pet-Friendly Weed Killers

August 2012
Over The Fence Lifestories-Meet Aunt Ruth
The Herbal Primer-Day One
The Herbal Primer-Day Two The Medicinal Herbs
The Herbal Primer-Day Three The Culinary Herbs
The Herbal Primer-Day Four Creative Uses For Herbs
How To Help When A Friend Is Ill
The Amazing Typewriter Art of Paul Smith
1967 American Slang
How To Make Gummy Bears
Buttheads of the Garden
Neil Armstrong Remembered
National Dog Day
How Hurricanes Get Their Names
Nature Patterns
The Amazing Paper Art of Anna Wili-Highfield

All About Hummingbirds
The Pasta Art of Sergei Pakhomov
Fun Things To Do On Google
Lessons My Father and The Old Bike Taught Me
Gardeners of the Millenium
Animal Group Names
Recycled Ideas
Literary Insults for Every Occasion
Scary Shoes
The Lesson of The Scary Merry-Go-Round
Fourth Grade and Mrs. Knoll
Virtual Road Trip-Quebec
Darling Hoot Owls
London Bridge
Jimmy Crack Corn
Virtual Road Trip-Smithsonian Gardens
Colored Fire Pinecones
Harvest Moon
Bird Tempting Treats

October 2012
Childhood Games
Virtual Road Trip-Bartram's Gardens
Memories of Sheriff John
Pencil Art
Cool Cop Cars
All About Halloween
Halloween Myths
The Elusive Jackalope
National Mincemeat Day
Virtual Road Trip-The Sherman Gardens
The Raven

November 2012
Vintage Election Glam
How To Make Soap
Orange County District Flower Show
Seasoned Salts
Holiday Health Hazards
First Aid For Animals
Recycled Art Spotlight
Artist Spotlight-Joana Vasconcelos
Turkey Math
How Many Bottles of Wine For Dinner?
How To Carve A Turkey
The Scents of Home
Japanese Ice Balls
Recycled/Reused Art Spotlight
Love Bites
Strawberry Santas

December 2012
Vintage Ads
Recycled Art Spotlight-Denimu
Artist Spotlight-Berndnaut Smilde
Day of Infamy
Creative Garden Gift Ideas
The Noble 600
Creative Ways to Wrap Gifts
Quick Christmas Decorating Ideas-Wall Art
Recycled Art Craft-Plant Poke or Ornament
Recycled Art Xmas Ornament
Virtual Christmas Lights
#26 Acts
Doggie Holiday Treats
Weird Baby Names of 2012
Notables Lost in 2012

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