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The Herbal Primer~Day Three The Culinary Herbs

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This, of course, is everyone's favorite cooking topic when it comes to flavor: the culinary herbs.

Cooking with herbs is based on personal taste, so what is perfect for you and your family might be too strong or too little for your neighbor next door. So it helps to experiment, know your herbs and taste, taste, taste!

So what are some culinary herbs to get you started? I like the Italian herbs, because they are easily found and readily available in both dried and fresh versions. Whether you choose to use dried or fresh herbs in your recipes depends on the dish and of course your preference. Just keep in mind that fresh herbs are not as strong as their dried versions, so you will need to use more.

Some great Italian herbs are rosemary, basil, oregano, sage and thyme. If you love Italian food, you have tasted these; But there is also marjoram, dill,and fennel. It's up to you to discover what you like in a flavor profile.

For example, my husband and I always laugh at recipes that call for a pinch of rosemary. We love robust flavors and often use a small handful of rosemary in a dish. Rosemary is a strong pungent herb with a wonderful taste, but may be too strong for some tastes.

On the other hand, fennel is a versatile herb as all of its parts may be consumed. Some people slice fennel for a salad and some use the feathery leaves for flavorings. Fennel has a distinctly licorice taste.

So now you have explored and found your favorite herbs, how can you incorporate herbs into your everyday cooking? Here's some ideas beyond merely tossing them into a recipe.

VINEGARS: One of my absolute favorites. I use fresh herbs and a clean wine bottle (the clear wine bottles make the prettiest vinegars). Place your herbs inside the bottle and fill with white vinegar. Cork it and let sit for several days before using. The longer it sits the more flavor you will have. These should NOT be refrigerated. They look wonderful on your counter and make amazing and coveted gifts. Once your vinegar is made, use it to splash on a salad instead or fat-filled salad dressings; splash on fish before broiling; splash some into your veggies before cooking, etc.

HERB BUTTER OR SPREADS: These are wonderful for spreading on biscuits, rolls or bread. The pungent smell combined with the taste are a delight. I use melted butter that I mix finely chopped herbs into, and then pour into butter or candy molds.

HERB DIPPING SAUCES: These are great for crab or grilled shrimp! Melt butter in a ramekin and add your herbs. This can be done in the microwave at HIGH for about a minute. Some good herbs to use for this would be garlic, fennel, oregano, rosemary, basil, thyme, etc.

FLAVORING HERBS: Some herbs should not be eaten but can be used for flavoring, such as juniper berries. I use these extensively in pot roasts in the crockpot, soups and meats. They should be removed before eating. The ratio I use is 3 berries to a crockpot.

I hope this gets you excited to get a book or chart on herbs and get started on your culinary journey with healthy herbs!


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1988 Gangsta rap hits the mainstream music scene
2012 In Garden Grove, a woman dressed as a nurse, walked into a hospital and was caught in the act of kidnapping a baby

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