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NEIL ARMSTRONG  (1930-2012)

1969 History

Neil Armstrong holding a video camera in 1969
The crew of Apollo 11, pictured in 1969, from left are Neil Armstrong, Mission Commander, Michael Collins, Lt. Col. USAF, and Buzz Aldrin, USAF Lunar Module pilot

July 16, 1969 on the way to the mission

Left to right, Apollo 11 crew members, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, and Neil Armstrong posed for photos with President Obama on the 40th anniversary of the moon landing

In 2011, Armstrong offered his testimony before a House committee hearing on NASA Human Spaceflight Past, Present and Future in Washington

From left to right, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin, seen arriving at Heathrow Airport in London from Berlin for a 24-hour visit to Britain during their 22-nation 38 day world tour later in 1969
The astronaut and his then-wife Janet, left, met Queen Elizabeth II, far right, and Prince Andrew during a reception at Buckingham Palace after the moon landing

In this March 9, 1966 file photo, Astronaut Neil Armstrong is seated during a suiting up exercise Cape Kennedy, Florida, in preparation for the Gemini 8 flight

On March 6, 1966, Armstrong, pilot for the Gemini VIII mission is shown in his gear

In 1966, astronauts Neil Armstrong, fourth from left, and David R. Scott, third from left, prepare for a simulated test to get ready for a launch

Armstrong was introduced to the press on September 17, 1962, along with the other astronauts in Houston

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