Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Gray, June Gloom

"In The Meadow"
John Greenley 

The meadow sat empty except for the grass
And lovely wild flowers watching time pass
There were black birds down in the corner thicket
With lovely red marks on their fluttering flippits

Butterflies were present in an array of color
Dancing about while laughing with each other
Swallows were dashing about and through
Racing and spinning enjoying the view

The sky was shared by the sun and the moon
Both looking happy a bit before noon
Coyote came through on important errands
Smiled and vanished into the dark barrens

Rabbits resumed play as soon as he parted
Little bunny foo ran into a log and it smarted
Wood chuck ate grasses while watching it all
Dreaming of munching more before fall

Deer lay peacefully watching the  dance
Young fawn bounced like he had itchy pants
Oh it was a  beautiful day in the meadow
No house nearby, not even a fellow


Asiatic Lily

More Snapdragons

So! After a horrible night of pain, the results came in today from the X-rays- no broken or cracked ribs! Just osteo-arthritis (on top of rheumatoid arthritis) and a pulled muscle where the ribs meet the shoulder blade. Could be pressing on a nerve as well. Once again, other than 'shoulder' thru it (pardon the pun), not much they can do, other than a much welcome cortisone shot. So, needless to say, not doing much gardening, other than enjoying the flower show we are blessed with every day.

Lilies are out and more on the way! Hubby came home with gorgeous stargazer lily plants for Mother's Day, and gave them to me early, to help cheer me up. I know, ladies, he's VERY taken!

For those of us who live in Southern California, we are used to this time of year having overcast weather. For those of us used to the Inland Empire, we love the story of the Orange Show curse.

The National Orange Show was started in 1911 in San Bernardino, California.  A fun event for most San Bernardino residents, it was started to showcase the fruit (oranges), and was usually held at the height of the orange season. There remains a legend regarding the opening of the show, as it always marks rain for the usually dry Southern California residents. Indian curse? 

The Orange Show has been producing meteorological marvels and miracles and mysteries for a century now. I've seen it happen again and again. A warm, clear-sky week suddenly will darken as the weekend approaches. Temperatures will plunge. Wind and rain will appear out of nowhere, just in time for the National Orange Show.
Even if it happens to be sunny and bright when you wake up in the morning, better take an umbrella when you go out. You don't want to get caught unprepared when unexpected storm clouds gather and burst at about 2p.m. That's when the Orange Show officially opens.

It's such a reliable phenomenon, it's almost not a phenomenon any more. The pattern was set when it rained heavily on the very first National Orange Show, held March 6-11, 1911, under two large circus tents on the northwest corner of Fourth and E streets in downtown San Bernardino

It established a tradition that has become the source of much local humor and lore over the course of a century. Attempts by show producers to dodge the rain by moving the event to various times of the year have proven unsuccessful.  Many blame the rain on an Indian curse, supposedly placed on the show for usurping an ancient burial ground.  

1923 Orange Show

Nor have rains stopped the show in any year since, though they certainly have made their consistent presence felt. A recent display in San Bernardino featured a year-by-year list of climate conditions during the National Orange Show. It offers vivid proof that rain has fallen on more than two-thirds of the shows. Many times the rainy years have come in bunches - sometimes as many as a dozen soggy Orange Shows in a row. Only on rare occasions have there been even two or three dry years in a row.
1948 Orange Show

Check out this factoid. The National Orange Show has been held annually except for five years, 1942-1946, during World War II. I decided to check the weather records for those years. Sure enough, those were remarkably dry springs. Little or no rain. For five straight years.

So, Indian curse or weird weather phenomenon? You decide. I'm just planning for rain.



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