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Make A Garden Flower Pot Chair

"In Memorium"
Lillian Leader, 2006

Have you ever looked, really looked, at a soldier's face? Sometimes it's young, barely 
an adult, the hopes of youth still painted in its features. Sometimes it's old,­ older 
than faith, older than wisdom, older than time. And sometimes...sometimes it's a bit 
of both all at once. 

Sometimes it's gritty and pained, remembering the face of another who has fallen.
Sometimes it's laughing, pleased to have a moment of peace. Most of the time it's 
proud because it knows, oh yes it knows, the world is a different place, a better 
place­ because of it.

Next time you look at a soldier's face, see if you can find that glint of pride.
Sometimes it’s hidden, and you have to search it out. You'll find it in the eyes 
always in the eyes. For the eyes are indeed the windows to the soul, even a soldier's 

And when you've carefully examined every feature of that soldier's face, stand up
straight and tall and smile your best smile. Thank that soldier, because it does what 
some cannot or will not. It defends what it believes to be right ­ with it's very life. 
But more important, it defends a perfect stranger-­ you.

And when you see a flag covered casket, stand in memorium of all the soldier's faces 
you've examined. For when one of them falls, they all fall. And when one of them 
stands, they all stand.

Shouldn't we stand with them? 


Asiatic Poppy


Windy and cool today. Sun dancing in and out of the clouds, never getting warm enough to take off that sweater. More lilies blooming, fruit is quietly growing and getting plump.

The wind blew down a large portion of our garden fence, so we are waiting for the winds to die down to fix it. We have learned the hard way that battling the wind as well as lifting a heavy fence does not mix. Such is the life of those who live with wind!

While dumpster diving I found the cutest little chair. It needed a little repair but instead of fixing it so that it could be sat on, I made it into a darling flower pot holder...and you can, too!

First I made sure the chair was clean and dry. I found a bucket the same size as the flower pot I was planning to put in the chair. On the seat of the chair, I traced around the base with a marker. You will be cutting a little outside this line so that the pot will be able to slip down inside.

Next, use a large gauge drill and drill a hole on the circle. This will allow your scroll saw blade to be inserted.

Then using a scroll saw cut around the circle. Then try your pot in the empty hole and make sure it fits snugly.
 Once you are sure it fits the way you wish it to, it's time to decorate the chair. I used light sandpaper on edges to give a vintage look. Then applied some daisies on the end of the seat and some polka dots. I elected not to seal it once it was dry, so it will age nicely in the weather and look even older. Fit your pot into your chair and wait for the compliments to fly!


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What's more perfect for Memorial Day than a picnic, indoors (if bad weather) or out! Here's a cute idea for a patriotic drink that your guests will exclaim over!

You Will Need:
large marshmellows
large strawberries
cute straws ( I found mine at the 99 cent store...they have a great variety including some hard plastic ones that twist into shapes)

Thread your strawberry on first, then the marshmellow and then the blackberry. It helps to use a metal skewer first to make a hole so that the straw slides through. Check the straw to make sure that the fruit pulp didn't get stuck inside. Fill your glass up with large ice cubes, which will hold up the straw, which will be heavy with the fruit.

Cook some hot dogs, have some chips and potato salad and a great time!
Answers below
1. What day in the month of May is Memorial Day observed?

  •      the third Thursday
  •      the first Monday
  •      the last Monday
  •      the last Friday
2. Memorial Day was once called by a different name...what was it?
  • Soldier's D-Day
  • Military Remembrance Day
  • Decoration Day
  • Veteran's Day
3.Which southern state first celebrated the federal holiday of Memorial Day?
  • Mississippi
  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
4. What northern state was the first to observe Memorial Day?
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia
5. In which city and state is the official birthplace of Memorial Day?
  • Waterloo, New York
  • Richmond, Virginia
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

Answers: 1.the last Monday. On May 5, 1868, Army General John Logan was credited for starting this national holiday shortly after the American Civil War Between the States. He set it to be observed on May 30 of each year. It was not until 1971 that we began recognizing Memorial Day on the last Monday in May.
                2.Decoration Day. At the beginning, it was called, "Decoration Day" because the purpose of it was to visit cemeteries and place flowers on graves of fallen loved ones who had died in the Civil War. In 1882, many people began calling it "Memorial Day". After World Wars I and II, it became accepted as a day to remember all of our military men and women who died, not just those from the Civil War era. A Federal law was passed in 1987 officially acknowledging the name of the holiday as "Memorial Day".Veterans' Day is observed in the month of November.
                3. Mississippi. Because of hostile resentment towards the north after the end of the war, many U.S. southern states decided not to celebrate Decoration Day in 1868. The only state to comply was Mississippi. In the small town of Columbus on April 25, 1866, the people embraced both the Union and Confederate casualties that were buried in its cemetery. This tradition is still carried on today in Mississippi; whether they wore blue or gray, they are all honored for their supreme sacrifice.
                4. New York. The holiday officially became standard in New York in 1873. It became a symbol of growth in honoring those who gave their all by the remaining northern states by 1890. The South, with the exception of Mississippi, honored their dead on separate days until after World War I.
                5. Waterloo, New York. Many communities have boasted and claimed the creation of the holiday. Even the southern states have evidence that it began there. However, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed a proclamation on May 26, 1966 that Waterloo, New York was the official birthplace. It was the first village to observe the sacred day on May 5, 1866 publicly and each year thereafter. There is no way to prove the origin of the holiday, but the whole human race in general contributed to the honor of our dead and that is what is important about Memorial Day.

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