Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Taking A Snow Day

'Last night, there came a frost, which has done great damage to my garden....It is sad that Nature will play such tricks on us poor mortals, inviting us with sunny smiles to confide in her, and then, when we are entirely within her power, striking us to the heart." Nathaniel Hawthorne, The American Notebooks 


  • Batman must have used his 'graupelling' hook
  • Birds
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Okay, so it never fails. You can't wait to get those beautiful flowers they sell in the stores, with their happy, bobbing heads saying, "Take Me Home!".

I tried to wait. Honestly, I did. And I know better. Living up here for more than 3o years, I know there is always a sneaky frost.But, I was weak <sigh> and of course, after I bought a carload of plants yesterday, today it snowed.
Fortunately, I'm not STUPID so I did have everything covered up last night so hopefully they will be just fine.Thought you would enjoy some scenes from today's little snowburst. Started with some graupel and then snowflakes. Never heard of graupel? Learned about it when it 'snowed' at my sister's house in Orange County. Graupel, also called soft hail or snow pellets refers to what forms when supercooled droplets of water are collected and freeze on a falling snowflake, forming a 2-5mm size ball. Kinda looks like the old stuffing for beanbag chairs.<grin>. Of course, that didn't last long and then we got the real stuff, big snowflakes which are still falling outside as I type this.

The birds love our feeder which is protected by the eaves and chimney so they can still eat non-soggy feed. 
Poor things, it's so cold for them, so they shouldn't have to look for food as well. We have lots of warm birdhouses and shrubs where they are hanging out.


The doggies are old hat to snow and quite disdainful of the beauty of it. To them it means they have to wear their SWEATERS.  

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Anonymous said...

Loved the snow video! Those snowflakes are huge and show up really well against the black tree.

meV aka the secret admirer