Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today when thinking of my blog topic, I heard my garden. Remember how I mentioned that you need to listen to your garden? Well, I do.

Today I heard the wind blowing softly as the sunshine warmed up the ground and the tiny green heads started to look around for the new year.

Ravens were scolding each other and trying to play "chicken" with the papa birds anxiously guarding new nests.The sparrows and finches were combing the ground for that last errant seed, and the fish splashed in the pond, enjoying the unexpected sunshine. Our garden is waking up and rubbing the sleep from it's eyes to see Spring coming.

When planning your garden, don't forget to add elements that make sound and movement. Even inside the house, I heard my windchimes keep the garden beat, tolling the rhythm of the things that grow, the things that fly and the things that crawl and scurry. In a later blog entry I will show you some of the windchimes we have and some we have made. In my estimation, you can never have too many windchimes.

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