Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Promise

Today one of our favorite roosters passed away. He was a good boy and very caring of his women.He lived a very long and happy life. So of course I was thinking of him when I resumed my cleaning of the garden.

It made me think of loss and how many of you have experienced loss in some way. To lose a loved one is especially hard, and to go on, even harder.

It made me think of how my Mom studied Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, who developed the five stages of grief. Lo and behold, later this afternoon as I was cleaning out our big garage I came across her book! ( THAT was a Mom-shot).

I thought about how gardening envelops loss. How the seasons go on, even when we don't. I guess that is God's promise to us- that life will go on and He will be there with you.

I could ramble on but I'm afraid of getting preachy so in Kubler-Ross' book I found this wonderful poem that says all I wanted to say.It was written by Orville Kelly, a man in the later throes of cancer who started a movement called "Make Today Count".He wrote this for his wife, Wanda. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Spring, and the land lies fresh green
Beneath a yellow sun.
We walked the land together, you and I
And never knew what future days would bring.
Will you often think of me,
When flowers burst forth each year?
When the earth begins to grow again?
Some say death is so final
But my love for you can never die.
Just as the sun once warmed our hearts,
Let this love touch you some night,
When I am gone,
and loneliness comes-
Before the dawn begins to scatter
Your dreams away.

Summer, and I never knew a bird
Could sing so sweet and clear,
Until they told me I must leave you
for a while.
I never knew the sky could be so deep a blue
Until I knew I could not grow old with you
But better to be loved by you,
Than to have lived a million summers,
And never known your love.
Together, let us, you and I
Remember the days and nights,
for eternity.

Fall, and the earth begins to die,
And leaves turn golden-brown upon the trees.
Remember me, too, in autumn, for I will walk with you,
As of old, along a city sidewalk at evening-time,
Though I cannot hold you by the hand.

Winter, and perhaps someday there may be
Another fireplace, another room,
With crackling fire and fragrant smoke,
And turning, suddenly, we will be together
And I will hear your laughter and touch your face,
And hold you close to me again.
But, until then, if loneliness should seek you out,
Some winter night, when snow is falling down,
Remember, though death has come to me,
Love will never go away.
Our first bulb bloomed today!

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