Thursday, January 19, 2012


One thing I work on a lot is patience. Not one of my strong points. Here in the garden, nature teaches you to be patient and good things will follow.

In the above photo, I have made a compilation of time shots of the same plant. First you just see its tiny head poking through, then the delicate sheath that holds the flowers lets some of the blossoms out. Next the first flower blooms and soon you have a bunch of blooms, their bright happy faces greedily sucking up the sun. All because you had patience and faith that soon a beautiful flower would appear. "They who plant a seed in sod and wait for growth believe in God".

What I can't share with you here is the fragrance...heady and lilting, it floats in the air as the flower heads nod sleepily in the breeze.You can bet that our fairies are celebrating tonight the arrival of the first daffodil in the garden.

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