Friday, January 20, 2012


Now that we have finished cleaning the back garden, the front garden gets our attention. After removing most of the dead stuff, I went to tackle some weeding.

Weeding has to be right up there with cleaning toilets and scrubbing off wallpaper (you know who you are).BUT it does have immediate rewards. So keeping that in my mind, I tackled the area that has been ignored for a month.

Surprise! The onion sets I had forgotten that I had planted back before Christmas were working hard to show me they were there. I was thrilled because last year, the squirrels ate them all and we're hoping that they will mature earlier before squirrels romp in the Spring.

They are many little surprises we come across and we make sure to alert each other when we see one so we won't miss it. Some of these bulbs flower for only one day. Here is one that bloomed today we are sure you'll enjoy.
Narcissus Paperwhite

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