Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rose School-Hulthemia

I'm excited about this week's blog because I thought we could learn together all about roses. So, here goes...Rose School!

We talked before about it being bareroot time and so I am skipping ahead to tell you about some new roses to look for this season while you can still find them in bareroot. Then we will go back and learn the different kinds of roses.

I learned about a new hybrid that created a brand new type of that has a dark center. It's called "HULTHEMIA". It took Physician Jim Sproul 15 years to develop this beautiful hybrid, which he bred into two new roses, called Eyeconic Lemonade and Eyeconic Pink Lemonade.

Some other fun new ones are:

  •     Ketchup and Mustard, a red and yellow floribunda stunner
  •     Itty Bitty Pink, an abundance of bubblegum pink miniature flowers
  •     Orchid Romance, highly fragrant and 75 petaled ruffled blooms of pink
  •     Koko Loko, milk chocolate colored finished in lavender, 30- 35 petals
  •     All A'Twitter, sparkling orange miniature
  •     Sugar Moon, a pristine hybrid tea rose
  •     Stormy Weather, a smoky purple climber with cloudy white on reverse, flowers and repeat blooms in it's first season

Tomorrow, all about Sunshine Daydream and the All American Rose Selections.

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