Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kites, Cardboard and Other Philosophies

"I fully appreciate the ability of trees to attract kites. They have special powers that way".
Charlie Dunton
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This windy, brisk weather brought fond memories today of my Dad, Mom and siblings flying kites in the park, or at the end of our cul-de-sac. Always a diamond shaped kite, and we made the tail really long with old sheets ripped into strips, that Mom kept just for that occasion. 
Dad would hold it up and we would run fast with the string holder. Then he would run up and show us how to let out the string, a little at a time, gently so the kite would finally catch the wind and nose it's way upwards. Then, oh the joy! to watch it's exciting dips and flips in the clouds! It was always sad to see it come down, and crash to the earth. But by then we were on to more kiddie things, like the absolute joy of riding down the big grass hills on a big piece of cardboard. You felt like you were really going fast, until your brother went flying by you. Inevitably, you'd crash at the bottom, and then the big trudge uphill to do it all over again!

"Sometimes I wonder, Why is that kite getting bigger? And, then... it hits me!"

Yesterday finally got to planting those new plants since the weather seemed to be cooperating. A little damage, but not much. Everything seemed to come through the snow okay. Had such fun planting individual pots and are some pretty images for you.

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Anonymous said...

Those quotes are perfect for today's topic! What a nice memory of Mom. Loved Charlie Brown, too!