Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to our garden!

Nestled in the High Desert of Hesperia, California, our secret garden flourishes. Right now it's mostly sleeping, but starting to awake. We're excited to have you with us as we discover the treasures that await. You'll be there as flowers emerge, bulbs pop up, baby birds learn to fly, fruit ripens and the garden comes to life. You'll also be there as the garden gets ready to hibernate and the gorgeous color heralds the cold winter nap.

We sit on about 2 acres of land, in a semi-rural area in a desert landscape area. We are located at about 4000 foot elevation so we do get snow, hail and frost, along with scorching heat during the summer. We also get gorgeous sunsets, stunning cloud views, 360 degree mountain views and blue, hurt-your-eyes blue skies.

My hubby and I have lived here 30 years and the garden has changed many, many times over the years. We finally gave the fairies a much appreciated home update so the garden blossomed even more after that.

For the past year we have loved our die-hard fan following of our daily beautiful flower pics; but we have also had requests to expand to include our indoor plants, recycled garden art and critters. So here we are! Not experts by any means, but after 30 years we know what will thrive up here and what won't. We do a lot of rescues as well.

If you don't have enough space for a garden or not enough time, energy or money to start one, share ours! We are blessed with much abundance and we can be viewed worldwide. Some people give us plants and we plant them and share those pics as well. You could track your plant through this blog.

We suggest if you are strapped for time, choose the e-mail option. At the very least you will receive a gorgeous photo daily as you share our seasons. We are thrilled you're along for the ride with us!

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