Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Mayhem

It was a beautiful day weather-wise in our garden, sunny and dry. Today was another cleaning day.  Cleaning up ranks right up there with getting rid of dog poop, mucking out horse corrals or weeding. Not my favorite, but I do have to admit that it does produce almost immediate results.

It's a good thing to do cleaning because you can assess each plant and how they are doing. You also get to discover which bulbs are popping up, see new growth, look for diseases and what needs a little extra help or love.

Today I worked on chrysanthemums which after a stunning display for the Fall had become dried on top when underneath was peeking thru the new growth. See here the before pic.
And then the after pic, looks like a new plant altogether doesn't it?Trusty snippers to the rescue! It will fill in and become bushy in no time. You can already see the new growth there.
 Chrysanthemums bloom year round here so they are very hardy. One of our favorite low maintenance plants with big results.