Thursday, January 12, 2012

Have help in the garden

When working in the garden, clearing the old growth and debris can be very tedious. I use the time to work out solutions in my head to creative projects, plan steps to my next project or just free think.

When you allow your mind to be completely free, the most amazing creativity comes through. Usually your mind is constantly going over the daily chores and annoyances so that there is not very much down time. Free thinking allows your mind to be free. It's like recess for your brain.

Gardening has been found to lower blood pressure, help with depression, anxiety, etc. It's like God's therapist. Give yourself a chance to tune in and see what you discover.

And when you are attacking the "Christmas weeds" as Aunt Ruth calls them (because they grew over the holidays when you were focused on Christmas), be sure you have some help. I always do.

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