Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring has come to our house


I have been missing all of you and chatting about our garden! Lots to share, as I am sure there is at your garden, too. A big shout-out to my buds at the Garden Club in Huntington Beach...hope your sale was a success!!

We purchased another greenhouse and have been enjoying it immensely. Right now we have corn, acorn squash, butternut squash, a hybrid zucchini called "8 Ball", cucumbers, zucchini, pattypan squash, peas, strawberries, pumpkin, 5 kinds of lettuce, and numerous herbs. In the front garden we have rhubarb, watermelon, beans, and of course the topsy turvy tomatoes...SEVENTY TWO of them. We are not buying a single tomato this summer!! Trying a few new varieties like black cherry tomato and lemon pearl.

The front greenhouse continues to be happy and full of healthy, growing plants. I followed in my parents footsteps (they were great gardeners) and of course my Aunt Ruth with her blue ribbon award winning amaryllis.  Two years ago my husband gave me three amaryllis for Christmas. Last year two bloomed and this year the red one bloomed and it was amazing!! Bigger than my head.

This year my MIL gave us a lovely gift of a large crock with 4 amaryllis. They are just blooming now.

The garden is waking up and all the plants we have been babying are coming back to life. Here is our beautiful alyssum, which should be an annual, making it into the perennial side.


Try this fun idea for those Easter eggs!! 

Make some awesome marbleized looking Easter Eggs quickly and

 easily, without a lot of mess and spending a lot of money.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Get some cheap white shaving cream, spread out on a cookie sheet.

  2. Dribble food coloring across the surface.

  3. Neon food coloring makes cooler looking eggs.

  4. Use toothpicks to swirl the colors around in the shaving cream.

  5. Take your dried, and cooled hard  boiled egg, and roll it around in

  6. the cream. You can use sandwich baggies as gloves to help keep  

  7. coloring consistent, keep finger prints off, & keep from staining you

  8. Sit colored eggs to the side on a paper plate and allow them to dry

  9. for fifteen minutes.

  10. After allowing the eggs to sit, wipe off shaving cream & rinse with 

  11. water!


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