Thursday, April 19, 2012

Today's Garden

" My Baby, My Butterfly"
Geneveive C. Coulson

To my child,
May you never be afraid to fly,
May you always keep the innocence that you hold at this young age.
When you are out on a branch and you feel it shake, have faith that it will steady itself again.
Enjoy your individual beauty and uniqueness; never wish it would change.
When you fly, go in a direction that will take you to places of happiness; don't be distracted by those which will not.
You start out so small and fragile, unable to take flight, with time may you be able to fly on your own.
I look at you knowing how blessed I am, to the have the baby, the butterfly, I have.
May you spread your wings and fly without doubt.
I hope that you will give yourself the chance to let your mind wonder, and show you the way.
When you spread your wings and fly, know that I will always be there flying next to you, guiding you in the right direction, giving you the strength to wait out the storm, being the one to steady the branch.
Above all else know that I love you, my baby and my butterfly, and that you always have my open wings to fly back to.

Thought we'd share a picture of our little hen, L'Oreal.She had to visit the vet today.

Today I had to attack my rhubarb area since the rhubarb has SKYROCKETED. I kept adjusting the fencing but today I finally had to remove it altogether and add a new section! Don't know if I mentioned it before but the rhubarb had a weird ball like seed pod-thingie growing up the middle. Of course, we're not experts, but we're guessing this is a seed ball.

 It looked like a brain, about the size of a tennis ball. Now it has grown into a GIGANTIC stalk (think Jack in the Beanstalk) with massive leaves and probably grows about 6 inches each day.

 Our garden 'bible' says to cut off blossom stalks but it is producing major leaves, so I think I'll wait until it stops. Probably wrong, but then again, we are learning! A note of trivia...didcha know that rhubarb leaves  are poisonous? Not the stalks, just the leaves! In a later blog, I promise to share the 'killer' rhubarb sauce recipe I have. It is a passed around family heirloom now!

What do you get when you cross a chicken with a cement mixer?
A brick layer!

Who tells the best chicken jokes?

What figure is like a lost parrot?
a polygon

Why was the chicken afraid of the chicken?
because he was chicken (submitted by Kerry, age 12)

How does a chicken mail a letter to her friend?
in a hen-velope

Why did the owl say, 'tweet, tweet'?
because she didn't give a hoot

Where does a peacock go when it loses its tail?
a re-tail store

What's the difference between a duck with one wing and a duck with two wings?
Why, that's a difference of a pinion!

What do you get if you cross a chicken with a cow?
roost beef

Why did the chicken go to the seance?
to get to the other side


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Carole said...

Hi, just to confirm the information you read. Yes, it is a seed head. If you want your plant to flourish, you need to remove it. It gets to be huge and will cause the plant to put all its energy to go into the seed. I grew up in North Dakota and no one let the plant go to seed.

It is natural for rhubarb to make new crowns which are used for new starts.

I have raised it here in the coastal zone and it has a tendency to rot from the tap root. Both Ruth and I have had problems keeping it alive here.

Virginia said...

lovely that chick hoodie!