Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Simple Recycled Art:Birdbath/Feeder/Pedestal Stand

" The Bluebird"
Edna Dean Proctor, 1838-1923
I am so blithe and glad today!
At morn I heard a bluebird sing;
The bluebird, warbling soul of spring,
The prophet of the leafy May-
and I knew the violets under the tree
Would listen and look the bird to see.
Peeping timidly, here and there,
In purple and odor to charm the air;
And the wind-flower lift its rose-veined cup,
In the leaves of the old year buried up,
And all the delicate buds that bloom
On the moss-beds, deep in the forest gloom,
Would stir in their slumber, and catch the strain,
And dream of the sun and the April rain-
For spring has come when the bluebird sings,
And folds in the maple his glossy wings,
And the wind may blow and the storm may fall,
But the voice of summer is heard in all.
I am so blithe and glad today!
My heart, beside the bluebird, sings
And folds, serene, its weary wings
And knows the hours lead on to May.



Well, if I can keep all the puppies out of the tulip garden, we may actually have some blooms! I can't wait to see how the Rembrandt tulips come out...we have been waiting a year for them!

Weather is getting warmer but supposed to have rain tomorrow. The sun is out but the wind is chilly.

My favorite apple tree is in bloom on just one side! LOL. WE know which side fruits in the Fall but to the innocent onlooker, it looks like the tree is only blooming on one side. You had to be here earlier to catch the blooming on the rest of the tree.

Hope you enjoy the project offered today. It is near and dear to my heart as a recycled artist to do projects that help our Earth!


Now that you have your garden planned out flower and plant-wise, it's time to consider some garden art and decorations. Today's idea is a simple and easy to do project. You will need:
(1) terra cotta pot with matching saucer
terra cotta sealer
(1) foam medium width paintbrush
strong glue (we used Gorilla Glue)

These are the basic materials you will need. You can, of course, use more embellishments, such as gluing tiles, marbles or glass pebbles, or paint. These are the instructions for the basic birdbath/feeder, how you personalize it is up to you!

1. Start by wiping down your pot and saucer with a damp cloth and let dry completely.
2. The pot, flipped upside-down, will serve as your base. The saucer will sit on top and hold the water or feed.
3. Use the Gorilla Glue by wetting the area around the bottom of the pot slightly with water and applying a thin bead of glue. Then attach the saucer on top and weigh down with a brick or something heavy until the glue dries. It will depend on what kind of Gorilla Glue you use...some dry in a few hours and others take overnight. Be sure not to overuse the glue, because Gorilla Glue does have a tendency to seep over when it dries and then it can't be removed. Just keep a close eye on it as it is drying and wipe off any excess that seeps out.
4. Once your glue is dry, it's time to seal the pot and saucer, especially if you will be using it as a birdbath. Be sure you choose a TERRA COTTA sealer, because terra cotta is porous and regular sealer will not work. You should be able to find this sealer at art stores, such as Michael's or at a hardware store. Once you apply the sealer with the foam paintbrush, let dry overnight.Your project is now done and ready to use.

Some additional ideas: We found that pots were cheap but the saucers were almost more expensive! So, for a pedestal stand top we used a plastic plate from the dollar store- they have some real cute ones shaped like flowers, ladybugs, etc. You can glue these on instead of the saucer. Or, you could use a terra cotta or ceramic basin or large serving plate from the thrift store. Your birds will love you and you will have hours of pleasure watching them!



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Virginia said...

nice easy craft and cute bird-on-head photo!

LTC James said...

I love the cartoon showing the bird locker room, and a bird bath just like the one featured in fun projects on the same BLOG!