Thursday, April 26, 2012

Recycled Art Project:Make A Country Floral

" The Loves Of The Angels"(excerpt)
By Thomas Moore, 1822
Twas in a land that far away
into the golden orient lies,
Where Nature knows not night's delay,
But springs to meet her bridegroom, Day,
Upon the threshold of the skies,
One morn, on earthly mission sent,
And mid-way choosing where to light
 I saw from the blue element-
Oh beautiful, but fatal sight!-
One of earth's fairest womankind,
Half veiled from view, or rather shrined
In the clear crystal of a brook;
Which while it hid no single gleam
Of her young beauties made them look
More spirit-like, as they may seem
Thro' the dim shadowing of a dream,
Pausing in wonder I lookt on,
While playfully around her breaking
The waters that like diamonds shone
She moved in light of her own making.
At length as from that airy height
I gently lowered my breathless flight,
The tremble of my wings all o'er
(For thro' each plume I felt the thrill)
Startled her as she reached the shore
Of that small lake-her mirror still-
Above whose brink she stood, like snow
When rosy with a sunset glow,
Never shall I forget those eyes!-
The shame, the innocent surprise
Of that bright face when in the air
Uplooking she beheld me there.
It seemed as if each thought and look
And motion were that minute chained
Fast to the spot, such root she took,
And-like a sunflower by a brook,
With face upturned-so still remained!



Rainy Day as promised, very warm storm with a New Zealand-kind of feel to it. Plants are loving it. I do not dig the humidity, but I do love it when I don't have to water!

Freesias up in the side garden by the back door, and all the roses are busting out...gotta love that bananafanafofana! My roses surely do...what a difference!

Bindi continues to warm her way through the days. Today she measured off the temperature gauge again at about 126F. We added some very lovely eggshells, pistachio nut hulls, onions and strawberry tops, along with the tissue paper rolls.

We have a wonderful vet and he just moved into a new office, which they decorated like the Old West. Really cute and the hubby and I wanted to give them an 'office warming' present. Of course, you know me, I thought 'a great blog feature!' so I took pics along the way so you could have fun making one of your own.

You will need: (these are suggestions)
An old boot (sources-thrift stores, your relatives, etc)
An old recycled piece of machinery ( I used a broken old gear)
dirt and rocks
glue gun
tiny birdhouse
tiny mushrooms
dried moss ( I used the natural color)
craft bird
plastic or silk flowers
a small length of chain
small stuffed animal

**Remember, this is a recycled art project, so the fun is in the treasures you find to make your art piece one-of-a-kind! Please just use my example as a template to jump start your own.

First step is to fill the boot with dirt and rocks. This will not only stabilize the piece but provide you medium to stick your flowers into.

Next, fill in around the top edges with the moss. Then I added the small length of chain through the broken gear and attached it to itself around the ankle of the boot.

**Recycled note! If you cannot find old junk to make your recycled art from, you can always make new stuff look old and rusted. There are several techniques out there, the simplest being a metal rusting medium you paint on and let dry and it will 'rust' your metals. Be careful to only choose galvanized metal as stainless steel will not rust well. I will share with you an old folk remedy for rusting, but use at your own risk !! You lay your metal object you wish to rust in the grass and have your available male pee on it. Then leave it overnight outside for several days where it can have the dew on it. The combination of acid from the urine and the moisture from the dew makes a nice rust. You can then wash it off to get rid of any smell. ( I SO much prefer buying the rusting medium. You can get it at any craft store or online).

Once your boot is ready you can add in your flower picks, small mushroom, small birdhouse, small stuffed animal, etc. Use your glue gun to add bird to top of house. Use moss to fill in so that it looks full and balanced.

There! You're done and have a wonderful one-of-a-kind recycled art piece to give or keep and enjoy!



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