Thursday, February 9, 2012

How To Choose A Plant That's Right For You Part 2

"If you've never experienced the joy of accomplishing more than you can imagine, plant a garden." Robert Brault
Our happy mums
 If you are just a beginner gardener, save a little stress (on you AND the plant) and pick one that is low maintenance. There are many to choose from and after you have built up a little confidence with that plant you can move on to something more complicated.

So, it's important to match your plant choices to your lifestyle. If you work full time, you wouldn't want to choose a plant that needs a lot of attention. Try to think about what you want to have a plant for- is it because it has pretty flowers, or trailing foliage or maybe an edible garden?
Just bloomed today!
 Once you narrow it down, and you have a little time, try to look for the plants in your area store. Don't forget odd places to find good deals like the 99 cent only stores, local college or garden club plant sales, yard sales, hardware stores, farmers markets and even grocery stores. If you can trade with a neighbor or friend, even better!

Then spend a wee moment and look the plant up, or if it has an attached tag, read it thoroughly. Here are some of the information you can find on a tag:

  • Whether it is an annual or a perennial
  • What lower temperature the plant can handle
  • Whether it needs full sun, shade or partial
  • name of the plant
  • projected grow rate
All the above information will help you choose the right spot for your plant in your garden so it will thrive!

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