Monday, January 23, 2012

Rose School- Rose Types

Today we are learning about the types of roses. These types described below constitute the majority of roses sold.

Peace Hybrid Tea  Rose

  • HYBRID TEA: This is the most popular rose and outsells all other kinds. Blooms are large and shapely, usually producing one to a stem on plants that can range from 2-6ft. This class first appeared in 1867. Here are a few of the names to look for (AARS roses have an asterisk):
Mr. Lincoln*     Bewitched*   Chicago Peace  Las Vegas   Peace*  John F. Kennedy  Blue Girl
Sundowner Grandiflora Rose
  • GRANDIFLORAS: A cross between a hybrid tea and a floribunda. Vigorous plants, sometimes 8-10ft tall, with hybrid tea-like flowers, either singly or long stemmed clusters.Valuable for a large numbers of cuttable flowers per plant. Good for mass garden color.Here are some to look for:
John S. Armstrong*     Love*   Camelot*   Sundowner*  Gold Medal  White Lightin'*

Gingersnap Floribunda Rose
  • FLORIBUNDAS: Originally developed from hybrid teas and polyanthas, these are known for producing quantities in clusters on bushy plants.Flowers generally smaller than hybrid teas.Good for masses of color in the garden or landscape barriers. Here are some names to look for:
Happy Talk       Cherish*  Gingersnap    Sunsprite   French Lace*   Angel Face*
The Fairy Polyantha Rose
  • POLYANTHAS: Small flowers, less than 2" wide are produced in small sprays. Vigorous, multi-caned and everblooming, but color range is more limited.The five most often sold are:
Cecile Brunner  Perle D'Or  Margo Koster  The Fairy  China Doll
Miniature Red Rose
  • MINIATURE ROSES: True roses, 6-12" tall with miniature canes, everblooming. Can also fall under the climbing sports category of climbing roses.
Climbing Rose
  • CLIMBING ROSES: Two categories here. Natural Climbers (large flowered except for miniatures) and climbing sports of bush roses. Some popular names to look for:
Solo     New Dawn  America*  Golden Showers*

Tomorrow Rose School continues: Now that you know the different types of roses, how should you choose one?

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